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Let's for the sake of argument say you don't know sh*t about mysql, apache, php and tutos (all those things that make Tutos work so nice :-).

  • Go to the directory on the server where your html document tree starts (if you don't know where that it, find the httpd.conf file on your system and look for the text 'DocumentRoot').
  • Unpack the TUTOS file (eg. 'tar -xzvf tutosxxxxx.tar.gz' or 'bunzip2 tutosxxxxx.tar.bz2' and then 'tar -xvf tutosxxxx.tar') (the 'xxxxx' mean the version or date of the release).
  • If you are not a computer literate and just like to play with tutos and this is your first time you try to install tutos then rename the directory to 'tutos', it just works easier in your browser later on. (command: 'mv tutosxxxx tutos').
  • Now let's make a relatively secure MySQL database for tutos.
  • Create a new MySQL database with the command 'mysqladmin create tutos'.
  • If the program complains about you not having enough rights to do that you must get the password that will give you the ability to use the mysqladmin program.
  • Now fire up the mysql client program (command: 'mysql')
  • Grant all access rights on the recently created tutos database to a database-user named 'tutos' with password 'password' (you are strongely advised to think of something better!), by issueing the following command (don't forget the';' at the end!):
    'grant all on tutos.* to tutos identified by "password";'.
    and on networks
    'grant all on tutos.* to tutos@your.webserver.com identified by "password";'
  • Now leave the mysql program with the command 'quit'.
  • Reload the new access rights to all databases with the command 'mysqladmin reload'.
  • Now adjust the config.pinc file in the php subdirectory and enter the database name ('tutos'), the user that will access the database ('tutos') and the password that is associated ('password') at the apropriate place.
  • Now initialise the database by using the tutos/php/admin/scheme.php program as mentioned in the Easy install file.
  • If all fails got to the projectpage for tutos on the SourceForge site and (politely) ask for help.
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